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Welcome to ZellyBelly Boutique. Here you will find beautiful boutique no-slip hair bows and hair clips, satin wrapped tutus, pacifier clips and clothes for that special little princess (and prince) in your life.

Let me custom make a TUTU for portraits, dance or play. Mine are set apart from the rest by having the waist wrapped in satin ribbon. I TEACH others how to do this so you are getting one from the best!

All products are handmade by me in my smoke-free home with care and attention so you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

Ribbon ends are cut using the most advanced cutting system available. This special technique prevents fraying and ensures a professional look. All bows are hand sewn by me to keep them looking new (no hazardous wire used here) and won't fall apart.

Pinch clips are 1 3/4", partially lined and include a no-slip treatment to hold them in even the finest hair (NO, it is not shelf liner like some of the other low end bow makers use). They are great for newborns with moderate amounts of hair to bigger girls with lots of hair. The benefit is they hold wonderfully in fine hair but also work well next to ponytails. I have tested and compared all the styles and this technique wins hands down. If you prefer to have a fully lined clip or another style, please choose that option when adding to your shopping cart.

I also carry the tiny 1 1/4" baby snap clips that are uniquely lined and can hold onto ONE SINGLE STRAND of hair and are perfect for those newborn wisps of hair or older babies with little hair or to just hold back bangs.

These are VERY popular among my customers right now and can be used with all the baby flowers and the baby bows.

My pacifier clips are loved by all my customers. I also have BOY prints. The pacifier clips hold very tight and I even have an option to be used on SOOTHIES!

Bandana dresses and pants.. These are so comfy and adorable.

Check back often, new products coming soon...

**As with ALL hair accessories, please supervise your child while wearing these.**

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