Bitty Baby Bows

My #1 Selling Bow!

Bitty babies need bitty bows. This little bow measures ~1 3/4 - 2 inches wide and is SO cute on. Perfect for just a little bit of hair on infants and great for older girls that want to pull their hair to the side. You can't go wrong with this bow! This bow will be used for years. Itty Bitty, and oh-so CUTE!

Baby Snap Clip in White, style Twisted Boutique with Knotted Center featured in photo above. Same style in pink to the right.
$2.50 each
$4.00 set (same color/style)

Clip Style:
Bow Color:
Bow Style:
Knot Style:

Becca from AZ Adorable and clients LOVE them!!...she does an EXCELLENT job turning the bows out quickly and she ALWAYS delivers a GREAT PRODUCT!!

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