Stick on Butterfly Baby Bow Set


Do you hate it when someone calls your little girl a boy? Does your baby have no hair so you can not put a bow on her head? Does she pull off headbands? This bow set is for YOU!

In this set you will receive a beautiful lavender organza bag filled with all the bows you will need with an instructional card attached perfect for gift giving (ideal for baby showers). Inside you will find 21 solid color bows, 11 with a pearl center that measure just 7/8 inch. All bows are made from 3/8 inch satin ribbon and all ends cut using the most advanced cutting system available. This special technique prevents fraying. These are so lightweight even the little girl that pulls out ALL bows and clips will not even know it is there.

Place a drop (about half the size of a pea) of Karo Syrup or KY Jelly onto the back of the bow and press to baby's head. When the jelly or syrup dries it will be held in place. To remove, simply dampen the area and gently pull the bow off and save to reuse. Double up on colors to truly customize to any outfit.

What you will receive:
7/8 inch bows in the following 11 solid colors with pearl center:

White, Ivory, Light Peach, Pink, Fuschia, Red, Wine, Burgundy, Lavender, Hunter Green and Royal Blue

7/8 inch bows in the following 10 solid colors:

Wine, Red, Greige (off white), Ivory, Sherbet Pink, Nude, Lt. Orchid, Floral White and Rose Pink. The Exotic Blue (aqua) is a tad larger.


You get all of this for only $8.50 $6.25. FREE shipping (if nothing else is purchased)

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